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I help you create software for digital TV.

I have designed and developed TV software products for more than 10 years.
I specialize in user interface design, user interface development,
and architecture of set-top box applications.


  • Design of user interfaces of software products involving image, video, or text.
  • Software programming of set-top box applications and back-end user interfaces.
  • Project management of video encoding products and digital TV middleware.
  • On-site technical support for IPTV/Mobile TV products.
  • Technical evaluation of IPTV equipment, including video encoders.


With over 20 years of involvement with software and 13 years in the business of digital TV, I have developed skills in the following disciplines:

Programming. Meticulous programming and debugging in Java, C++, and JavaScript. Experienced with other languages.

Encoding. Integrated H.264 and H.263 codecs into live and off-line encoding products. Familiar with all encoding parameters and the various encoding profiles and levels. Experimented in stream analysis. Researched and designed techniques for ad insertion into video streams that are already encoded.

Streaming. Investigated and found the cause of unnecessary rebufferings in the streaming of video to mobile phones. Suggested changes to the test procedure in order to better verify the quality of RTP packetization in the CBR mode. Did load testing of a video streaming server.

Video quality. Organized and executed a feature review and video quality comparison of two competing video encoders for mobile. Suggested areas of improvements after analysis of the results. Familiar with mobile formats that require special attention because of the quality loss caused by subpixel shifting during the resize process.

Set-top box development. Developed program guides and video-on-demand portals for set-top boxes. Experimented in the reduction of channel-switching delay, and in the optimization of the rendering of graphics.

in digital TV

Wrote set-top box software that was running in more than 1.5M homes.

Designed and developed user interfaces for SFR (France), Videofutur (France), Melita (Malta), SiOL TV (Slovenia), CanTV (Venezuela), Sprint (US), Dialog (Poland), Motorola, Hughes Networks Systems, FOX Sports, TV Anywhere (US), the U.S. Department of State, the European Parliament, and Fujitsu, etc.

Created the entire user interface of a TV middleware system using the MPEG-4 BIFS technology.

Debugged video encoders and video streaming servers that rely on standards and protocols such as RTSP/RTP, H.264, MPEG-4 ASP/SP, and AAC.

Re-factored part of the programming code of an IPTV video encoder to improve its reliability. (SNMP module, C++)

Created a prototype of an on-the-fly video transcoder destined to the processing of user-generated content (UGC).

References and full resume:

Available on request.


Although I am currently consulting for a customer, I will be happy to hear about your project. Just send me an email!